Episode 55: Others Over Ourselves

Life Groups are back on campus, and we couldn’t be more excited. Bill Harris shares how his group has stayed connected and served together during the past few months, and he reminds us that we must continue to look out for those around us.


Guest Spot Highlight | Bill Harris, MHBC Life Group Leader

  • Family good. All of our children are adults and moved out. Hasn’t impacted us that much. Retired. Wife works part time. Staying busy.
  • Three children. Four grandchildren.
  • Tim: Just this week you have been at Second Harvest volunteering, building a deck to help MC students meet outside, and also working as a volunteer fire fighter. Your Life Group also met on campus for the first time. How’d that go?
  • Bill: Went great. Had nineteen in the room. Different for us because we love to socialize and eat and couldn’t do all that. Few joined us via live Zoom meeting. Our group has stuck together during this time. We’ve had as many as twenty-five in our Zooms.
  • Tim: Your group was previously the Whitfield group and before that the Jimmy Glenn group who was always front and center with Mississippi State gear at the tailgate. Hoping to have the tailgate on Sept. 27.
  • Tim: What did your Life Group do during Serv20?
  • Bill: Something unusual this year. Worked on the same house entire time. Re-painted a home. Good participation. Blessing to get to know Mrs. Herrin. Have continued to help. You really get to know your group in a way serving together than you might get to know them otherwise.
  • Tim: Life Groups doing a great job. Practicing social distancing. Wearing masks when moving around the church. Second hour Sunday was quite full. Just about filled up our green seats. Aisle seats are now available to free up seventy seats. Try to find a group of green seats that roughly matches your families’ household. Want everyone who comes not to feel like people will sit right up on them. Happy to have folks on campus and be safe. Thanks for your patience and good attitude. Thank you Life Groups for cleaning after meeting.
  • Bill: Served at Second Harvest for first time today. Great ministry. Anyone can help. Lot of behind the scenes work. Still encouraging those at high risk to wait to serve. Need for volunteers.

Prayer Requests

  • Barbara Wolfe, in the hospital recovering from surgery
  • Pat Bradley
  • Barbara Driver, in the the hospital
  • George Walters, father of Richards Walters is in hospital
  • Tom Rowden, in Iowa helping family recover after a big storm.


  • David and Claire Gilliam in the birth of their daughter Margaret.

Devotional | Bill Harris

  • Our class just got through a series on relationships. Timely with all the turmoil going on in the world. One lesson was on serving others.
  • Philippians 2: 3 – 4 stood out to me.
  • We tend to look out for ourselves. Easy to look out for our interests, and looking out for other’s interests can be difficult at times because it means putting others first and ourselves second. 
  • We are doing that through the ministries of our church, and we need to be focused on that.

Closing Remarks

  • Thank you, Bill for being with us!
  • Have a great week!
  • Share pictures and videos.
  • We love our family.

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Tim Peabody

Bill Harris


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