Episode 56: Hello Harding

Our college students are back with us, and we couldn’t be happier! Being back means being busy as they focus on reaching out to other students, helping them plug into the local church, and growing in a missional community group. Jon Harding has joined our college ministry staff and shares an update on all the happenings, and encourages us to pour into others.


Guest Spot Highlight | Jon Harding, Campus Missionary Mississippi College

  • Tallest guy at church at 6’8.
  • Focus is on reaching out to MC students. Privilege to spend this year learning what full time ministry looks like and be with students to reach them and get them plugged into the local church.
  • Main focus is on freshman to get engaged for the gospel and the church.
  • Attended MC. Graduated this past year. Enjoyed playing basketball and learned lots of lessons.
  • Tim: How did the college leader training go last weekend?
  • Jon: Seventy students with a desire to grow and multiply. College ministry has grown. Three years ago we only had eight to nine leaders.
  • Tim: You are in school as well.
  • Jon: Yes. Start next week with you at NOBTS with spiritual formation class.
  • Tim: Thanks for helping Sunday with seating. If you were in the second service, you probably thought we had too many people – 350 people or one-third capacity. Thanks to college students and ushers, we got everyone seated with social distancing. Felt good to be in the room with everyone.
  • Jon: Felt more normal but not unsafe.
  • Tim: If we have even more this Sunday, seating will be open in the Commons.  Great to see all the college students.
  • Jon: Great to worship together again since it’s been awhile for many of the college students.
  • Tim: So what is the college ministry doing on Wednesday nights?
  • Jon: We shifted to a once a month worship service rather than every week. Focus will be on student led community groups of five to twenty people meeting at homes or on campus.
    Will be leading a missional group this year as well.
  • Tim: So what else do you have going on?
  • Jon: Besides seminary, I’m excited about the semester. Enjoying living with Dr. Reagan and his wife Harriet. Shout out to them. They are my parents for the year. Dinners are delicious. Have been welcomed with open arms.

Devotional | Jon Harding

  • 2 Timothy 2:1 – 4
  • This letter was written to Timothy by Paul while Paul was awaiting execution. He poured into Timothy and others. He was concerned about Timothy’s spiritual strength.
  • Reminder that strength is found in Christ Jesus. Analogies of the soldier and athlete are things we can relate to as well.

Church Update

  • New Testament starts this Sunday night at 5:00 PM with Dr. Greg and Dr. Parke.

Prayer Requests

  • Barbara Wolfe, starts chemo soon.
  • Barbara Driver.
  • Richard Walters, father still in hospital.
  • Ann Schoggen, outpatient surgery yesterday.

Closing Remarks

  • Thanks for coming, Jon.
  • We love our family.

Host & Guests

Tim Peabody

Jon Harding


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