Episode 57: Tip-Top Taylor

Everyone enjoys a break, but our teachers are ready to be back in class and see their students. Steve Taylor is no different, and he can’t wait to interact with them again. In the meantime, he’s staying busy and enjoying leading in our Student Ministry and in our Men’s Mentoring Program.


Guest Spot Highlight | Steve Taylor, Teacher/Coach Germantown High School

  • Wife Erin. Four children – twin girls and two boys.
  • Everyone doing great. Monday was my first day back to work since Spring Break. Real day of work with everyone.
  • Teach at Germantown High School. Coach soccer. No practice yet. Tryouts were held for the team we hope will play this season. Students suppose to come back Sept. 3 for everything. Only school that hasn’t gone back in some way. Some will only do virtual first semester and some on campus for as long as we can be.
  • Tim: We appreciate our teachers and coaches. We know it throws everything off to be out.
  • Steve: No students since March. Little virtual to finish up previous year but not the same thing. Love technology but not how I want to interact with my students. I miss them.  Regular schedule also helps. Nice to be back. Miss the family. Weird dad is home because we homeschool.
  • Tim: All the students are probably feeling ready to come back.
  • Steve: Even after a regular summer, we have excitement, but after a big thing like this they are missing school routine.
  • Tim: What do you teach besides English?
  • Steve: I teach English and the English portions of the PSAT. Teach freshman and then a test prep class.
  • Tim: What is your favorite book to assign?
  • Steve: Animal Farm. Short. Talking animals. Students willing to give it a go. Great discussions.
  • Tim: Favorite line from the book?
  • Steve: “All animals are equal but some are more equal than others.”
  • Tim: How have you  been involved in church through all this?
  • Steve: Wife Erin has been working with the student ministry for three years, and I just moved over to help teach 11th and 12th grade boys with Evan Lenow. The boys, if there, have chosen to be there and not just there because they have to be.
  • Tim: Chris shared that you have had 100% attendance last week with those boys.
  • Steve: It’s been going well. Interesting bunch. Exciting to be involved. I miss students so much that it was nice to see students in our youth and talk about the Gospel and the Bible.
  • Tim: You are a part of our Men’s Mentoring Program Year 2 and leading a group.
  • Steve: We are on day 3. Had some guys in mind to invite to read through the NT. Not huge time commitment but a commitment. Only one who said no was someone who had already said yes to another group. People excited. Built in accountability.
  • Tim: Someone asked me recently “what do you think kept the guys involved last year?” I think it’s because your group is counting on you.
  • Steve: Beauty of small group. Accountability. Easy to fade out in a larger group.
  • Tim: First NT class this past Sunday. 140 at the on-campus event and 80 online. You are invited. Starts at 5:00 PM with Dr. Parke and Dr. Greg. NT reading plan to go with it. Want to find a way to put the Bible in front of you.
  • Tim: What have you read lately?
  • Steve: Finished Kevin DeYoung’s book on the ten commandments. Short. Fun. Really great. Pastoral. Good application. Reading a parenting book now to learn skills to help children in their relationship with the Lord.

Prayer Requests

  • James and Barbara Driver
  • Cynda Golden
  • Thad Harper, in the loss of his brother
  • Amber Cofer, Adult Ministry Assistant, baby arriving soon


  • Hebrews 10:11 – 14
  • So often we know that obedience to God and His Word is important, but how easy it is to think our obedience makes us acceptable and what has led to our justification.
  • Bible clearly shares where our righteousness comes from.
  • Image of priests standing daily over and over again but Christ having that single sacrifice and then sitting down. Priests never sat down because always had something to do. Christ’s accomplished, and His job was done.
  • Sanctification is important. We are not adding to our justification. Christ has accomplished that. Not new but need to be reminded.

Closing Remarks

  • Thank you for joining us, Steve!
  • Tim: Listening to anything good lately? Steve: Working through some podcasts – “Ten Minute Bible Hour.”
  • Tim: Took my comprehensive exams Friday and Saturday. Thank you everyone for praying. Will get results in the next two weeks. Glad that’s over. Officially in the dissertation phase and hope to finish within a year.
  • We love our family!

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