Episode 58: Clay Champions Courage

We are all passionate about something, and for Clay Norton that passion is educating future leaders and teachers. The classroom may look different, but not the learning. Clay shares an update on family and school, and gives us a worthy reminder to be bold in our faith.


Guest Spot Highlight | Clay Norton – Life Group Leader, Educator, Blog Writer

  • Family doing well. Started out with everything normal and then things got shut down in March with pandemic. Wife Heather and I are both in education. Daughter Breanna came home from Mississippi State. Got to talk a lot more and she is turning into a really good friend.
  • Lots of Zoom at our house. Heather is a counselor at Sumner Hill so had counseling duties. I was teaching and meeting with students. Breanna had to finish up her classes. Good educational environment at our house.
  • Tim: Your Zoom room with all the books was my favorite Zoom background.
  • Clay: My favorite place. My escape. If you can’t be knowledgable, you surround yourself with knowledge.
  • Tim: Has your Life Group been meeting?
  • Clay: We’ve been doing everything. Started out with Facebook live. Jumped over to Zoom on Sunday nights. Weekly Zoom prayer meeting and get together led by Vicki Williams for us. Started meeting a few weeks ago and people excited to be back. Numbers have been good.
  • Tim: Y’all have had good attendance, and it’s created a problem for me to figure out. The large group that use to meet in there is coming back this Sunday I just found out so gotta find you a room.
  • Clay: They’ll be ready. Good problem to have!
  • Tim: How are things at MC?
  • Clay. Good. Adjunct at MC in education department. Different. Class has eighteen and had to split them into two smaller cohorts because of numbers and small classrooms. So alternating when they meet, but it’s working out. Always say we need to corrupt them in the correct way with what education actually is rather than just learning from a textbook. These students have great ideas, and you get so much working as a group. Other classes are graduate level and online as usual.
  • Tim: Praying for MC and for no outbreaks. Such a part of our community. Would be so sad and challenging if they had to send students home.
  • Clay: Our students look at me and just say, “Clear!” Been doing good with testing. They show me the screen on their phone that says they are clear. They are taking adult responsibilities and that’s been good.
  • Tim: Appreciate MC being overly cautious and aggressive. Also talk to so many ready to get rid of masks. Have you had to teach with a mask?
  • Clay: Yes. At MC we have to teach with a mask, and we have a seating chart so everyone is spaced out. I stay stationary at the front of class even though I prefer to move around.
  • Tim: Doing a great job at MC, Clinton, Belhaven.
  • Clay: Passionate about educational leadership. Education is that one last foundation that can help society. We really need great educational leaders in addition to great educational teachers. Future depends on how we educate.
  • Tim: Your blog shows that you have a passion for education. Good material every week. How long have you been posting on Fridays?
  • Clay: Almost nine to ten years.

Prayer Requests and Praises

  • Lynda Collins, mother in hospital.
  • Barbara and Pittman Calhoun, son Heath in hospital.
  • Barbara Driver, hospital.
  • Richard Walter’s father George, hospital.
  • Jennifer Warriner, mother Betty Pickering passed away.
  • Celebrating with Amber and Stephen Cofer in the birth of their son. Lawton was born and weighed 8 lbs. 1 oz. Everyone good.

Devotional | Clay Norton

  • Remember a series from Dr. Greg on being bold.
  • 2 Corinthians 3:12 “Since we have such a great hope, we are very bold.”
  • Need to be bold for Christian beliefs. Bold for our views with society and politics and everything in general.
  • Aways figured hope was measured in a positive connotation unless you wanted something bad to happen to someone else.
  • We need more boldness. Starts with us. Other people gravitate to people who are bold because they are wanting to understand how that works.
  • With everything going on and the questions we have,  the sovereignty of God allows us to be bold.
  • God has all the answers. Comforting. Allows me to be bold when needed.
  • The hope is out there and positive.

Closing Remarks

  • Thank you for joining us!
  • My apologies to have to move your Life Group!
  • Share. Comment. Like.
  • We love our family!

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Clay Norton


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