Episode 60: Sending, Sharing, Serving

The Lord has continued to bless our church for which we are extremely grateful. Not only is the Lord working in and through our church body, but ministry and plans are also being worked on to further our love and commitment to others. Dr. Greg shares an update on the life of our church and upcoming events as well as a word of encouragement that God will keep His promise to see us through.


Guest Spot Highlight | Dr. Greg Belser, Senior Pastor

  • Family good. Couldn’t be better. Made two trips in the last three months to see grandchildren.
  • Very grateful for how our church has responded to our hurricane relief efforts. Already sent one trailer. In process of filling a second trailer to go out this weekend or next week. Might be our last load so if want to donate Friday is the safe deadline. Have sent two teams and plan to send more. Money can also be donated for the purchase of supplies.
  • Sunday night we had a family meeting and voted to give a $10,000 gift to Trinity Baptist Church in Lake Charles. Second church. Large church akin to our ministry at Morrison Heights. North American Mission Board has an operation out of the church. Unable to meet due to loss of power for the next five to six weeks. Unable to receive funds from church and requested help. Excited to be helping both churches.
  • As filming, hurricane has come ashore affecting Alabama and Florida. Probably going to continue to keep our focus on our Louisiana efforts. May help Alabama and Florida if we have the resources.
  • Getting ready to spend some time encouraging the church to help us give the fourth quarter spurt as we turn the last corner for retiring all of our debt. Mortgage has hung over us for thirteen years. Borrowed 13.5 million and we have chipped, chipped, chipped at that and the number today is just $750,000. See the finish line. Push hard we can retire the debt by the end of the year. Revisit the dream of why we are here and what we hope will be true for our church now and forever. Bible says money a necessary component of our discipleship so am not intimated to discuss. Proper instruction. Our church is a very generous church and eager to help.
  • Scheduled a Fall Picnic. Tailgate is a taboo word for the fall. Picnic will be done differently. October 25 following morning worship.
  • Missions emphasis this week that congregation will enjoy.
  • Tim: What would you say to people who have not yet returned to church?
  • We want them to come back and invite them to come back. We know there are a lot of reasons people are not coming back. Some think that getting around folks might unknowingly put others at risk. Must do what your conscience tells you to do, and I respect that. Culture wants to judge. Be careful that we do not judge others. Need to know that your church wants you back, and we are weaker when you are not here. Default in Scripture is that Christians will gather. Notion of staying home indefinitely is not a Biblical notion. Hope people are ready to get back and as soon as circumstances permit that they will return. I lose when people don’t come because our people add to my life and the lives of others. Eager to see everyone back.
  • Still committed to hygiene. Folks are social distancing. Still social distancing in worship center. Easy to come in and sit, sing, and feel warmth of the room and then head right for the door. Don’t turn everyone loose to fill the corridors. Dismiss in phases.

Devotional | Dr. Greg Belser

  • Do a little Facebook live on Wednesday mornings called “A Word on Wednesday.”
  • Psalm 37: 12 – 13
  • Several verses in this chapter that are far more famous, but this particular phrase always encourages me. No end to wicked. Live in a broken world. Wicked continue to try and over throw the reign and rule of Christ. Scripture repeatedly tells us that God laughs at such.
  • Don’t be paralyzed by the fears of the world. The Lord sees it and laughs.
  • Someone who is evil thinks these strategies will pay dividends. God laughs.
  • We absolutely know He knows what is going on, who is in charge, and that He is working all things out according to the counsel of His will.
  • Don’t react with fear and undue anxiety. Seek to right wrongs and social injustices where we can.
  • Thank Him for His promise to see us through.

Prayer Requests

  • Debbie Scott, surgery.
  • Heath Calhoun and his mother Barbara, hospital.
  • Buddy Calhoun, hospital.
  • Phyliss Mobley, Allyson Collins mother, in the hospital.
  • Tim and Kim Golden, in the loss of Tim’s mother Cynda Golden.
  • Becky DeWitt’s, in the loss of her brother James
  • Joel Lundy, in the loss of his sister.

Closing Remarks

  • Thank you for being with us, Dr. Greg!
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  • Share stuff you want us to know.
  • #MHBCtogether.
  • We love our family!

Host & Guest

Tim Peabody

Dr. Greg Belser, Pastor


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