Episode 62: Mobilizing Missions

Our annual Missions Garage Sale begins this week! As believers, we share a common call to go into all the world. At Morrison Heights, we do this by going, by sending, and by partnering with people around the world. Hear how our Missions Garage Sale helps us meet our mission goals.


Intro and Welcome | Tim Peabody

  • Special Edition. Big week. Mission Garage Sale.
  • Several guests today.

Guest Spot Highlight | Alicia Dunn

  • Tim: What’s your job over here?
  • Alicia: I just direct and supervise until Tim Rowan tells me otherwise.
  • Tim: How long has your family been involved in garage sale day?
  • Alicia: Probably ten years. Only Blake is still here. Missing being here as often as he normally is. Working sale and doing school. Schedule for sale different this year.
  • Tim: Schedule is different. Anything else different?
  • Alicia: Oh yes! We have rented a huge tent that is over 3000 square feet where we have put all of our furniture to give more room inside for social distancing. Allows for more space and social distancing inside. Asking everyone working or attending to wear masks. Hand sanitizer stations set up around gym. Limiting the number of shoppers in the building at one time.
  • Tim: What are the hours if people want to come and shop?
  • Alicia: Thursday Noon – 7PM, Friday 7AM – 7PM, Saturday 7AM – Noon.
  • Tim: Can you still take volunteers?
  • Alicia: Yes. Any hours we are open for business volunteers are welcome to come serve. We need help keeping floor clean and merchandise displayed and putting extra merchandise on tables as they clear off. Parking help needed. Furniture moving help needed. Find me and I’ll give you a job so you are used for the kingdom.
  • Tim: How does this support missions?
  • Alicia: The hours you work are credits for mission trips. My kids have gone all over the world with mission dollars we have raised here. Lord used this, and they’ve have gone to Germany, Central Asia, Canada, Peru.
  • Tim: So the hours I work here earns me a certain number of dollars per hour that goes toward my fee for any Morrison Heights mission trip?
  • Alicia: Correct. We have also used money leftover from the garage sale to help start ministries with our partners around the world. Money not used for trips are used for general mission needs around the world with our partners.
  • Tim: How much money does the garage sale usually earn in a normal year?
  • Alicia: The last four or five years we’ve averaged $25,000 – $30,000 dollars.

Guest Spot Highlight | Wanda Saint-Sing

  • Tim: Wanda didn’t know we would be pulling her in for the podcast. What are you doing here today?
  • Wanda: Just working. Taking items out of boxes. Working on dishes and pricing them.
  • Tim: Why is the garage sale important to you?
  • Wanda: Well, I haven’t always done the sale. Alicia brought me in, and I have loved it. Met others in the church I normally would not have gotten to meet. Last year I got to go to Amsterdam on a mission trip and used some of the money earned at the garage sale to go.
  • Tim: If you don’t feel connected to Morrison Heights, I always tell people, the way to get connected is to get a job, to serve somewhere.

Guest Spot Highlight | Carol Rigby

  • Tim: What’s your job here today?
  • Carol: Whatever Alicia Dunn tells me to do. I’ve been in charge of the holiday section for the past two years.
  • Tim: Tell me a out your rainbow shirt.
  • Carol: Drawn by a first grader at Copiah Academy who is now a second grader. Last spring rung the bell at Blair Batson to beat leukemia but now it’s back.
  • Tim: On the back “The greater the storm the brighter your rainbow.”
  • Carol: We remember her all the time everywhere we go.
  • Carol: Garage sale helps us meet people in the community. I’m not part of this community. Live in Gallman, MS. Retired headmaster from Copiah Academy. When husband died, I needed to find my church. Mission is my claim to what I felt what God wanted me to do. Done mission trips with MHBC and MS Mobilization. Been to several countries since retired. Opportunity to meet brand new people in community.
  • Tim: Come work the garage sale. If for no other reason, you get to meet people like Mrs. Carol you never knew before. My wife is a public school teacher, and I always tell her that I feel like her ministry in the public schools much more impactful than what I do because most of the people I work with want to be in church.
  • Thank you to all the volunteers! Big weekend for our church. Lots of work goes into it. Come shop. Found good deals myself. Son wants a pressure washer so going to try and beat you to it.

Prayer Request

  • Tyler and Jennifer Griffin, involved in music ministry. Having a baby this week. Early. May be in NICU for awhile. Our heart goes out to them.

Closing Remarks

  • Thank you for joining us for this special edition.
  • We love our family!

Host & Guest

Tim Peabody

Alicia Dunn
Wanda Saint Sing
Carol Rigby


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