Episode 65. Parenthood, Picnicking and Pumpkins!

Sometimes the routines of our life – home, church, work – get a little off track due to the unexpected, and even at times the expected. Amber Cofer reminds us that even when life changes, He is still constant. Our church is also excited to be back in the routine of meeting together, and that means that not only could we use more volunteers, but we also would love to have you join us for our Fall Picnic this Sunday.


Guest Spot Highlight | Amber Cofer, Adult Ministry Associate

  • Life has been great. Tiring but fulfilling. Learning how to be a mom.
  • Lawton is adorable. Little fussy. Seven weeks yesterday. Not sleeping through the night. Ranging about four hours at most. Much easier coming to work because I can get up, feed him and go from there.
  • Back in office and just sent out to all volunteers new schedules to the end of the year – greeters, welcome center, Next Steps, Pastor’s Reception. However, we’ve gone down from fifty to sixty volunteers to fifteen to twenty due to pandemic.
  • Tim: We need some volunteers to come back. Please. We need you.
  • Amber: Please let me know if you are back. If you would like to serve, we have multiple options and time slots. Meeting soon. If interested, come join us for the meeting.
  • Tim: People won’t be required to shake hands.
  • Amber: We want both extroverts and introverts. We have commons floaters to direct people which allows you talk to your friends. Prone to talking to people you can be a greeter. Or you can serve in the Life Group office and work on entering Life Group attendance and not worry about speaking to anyone.
  • Tim: We are still asking our greeters and ushers to wear masks even though we do not require for everyone at church. What else should someone know?
  • Amber: Need to be able to show up. Not 100% but 100% for the Sundays you sign up for if possible, but we understand if life happens, and you are unable to come. I serve as well on the teams, and our greeters are the first people that our visitors see. We want our visitors to have someone speak to them as well as our church members. 
  • Tim: This Sunday is our Fall Picnic! Half the staff has been planning this event. Going to be fun. Normal Sunday morning schedule. Part I’m most excited about is the pumpkin slingshot launch.
  • Amber: I think my husband may be too obsessed with that!
  • Tim: Pumpkins will be $1 each. Limited to about three. Different from pumpkin toss in which you throw a big pumpkin as far as you can which is similar to shot put and will be for kids. Those pumpkins will be $3. Not making any money. Losing a little but going to be really fun.
  • Food: Food Trucks. Bring your own picnic lunch. Life Groups, we are asking that you set up tables and then have one person to serve food. They need to wear a mask and glove. Please avoid buffet style serving.
  • Pumpkin Recipe Contest: Don’t just bring a recipe card. Bring what you cooked for the cooking contest. Will be on the sidewalk between student building and church.
  • Amber: Life Groups have a competition as well.
  • Tim: Decorating competition. Don’t have too. Have prizes if you do. Don’t recommend setting up on Saturday. Come early Sunday. Judging will happen at 12:15pm. Don’t wait until after church to decorate.
  • Tim: Judges will be more partial to recipes with pumpkin in them, but you can put a pumpkin candy on a cookie if you want. Team will be serving.
  • Big Day! Weather looks good. Going to be fun.
  • Amber: Excited. First event since I’ve been back.
  • Tim: First church event since the pandemic.

Devotional | Amber Cofer

  • Being a mother is all new. Learning so much. With the excitement, came my routine crumbling. I’m a routine person.
  • One thing that I’ve really struggled with is the time I spend with the Lord. Haven’t given myself any grace. Felt the Lord would hate me or be disappointed. Part of one of our accountability groups, and I’ve expressed weekly that I’m struggling with having my time with the Lord.
  • Whenever we feel a certain way, God finds a way to put something in our life to remind and encourage. He did that with me this week.
  • Podcast this week from Proverbs 31. Title was “Is My Quiet Time Cutting It?
  • Jeremiah 29:13
  • I must seek Him. We call it a quiet time, but that’s not in Scripture. Tells us to mediate and have His Word on our lips. Singing. Listening.  Zero quiet in my house. If quiet, I’m sleeping.
  • Reminded that I can seek Him. He’s not going anywhere. Not forsaking, but He does require the same of me.
  • Don’t want to say “I’ll do better tomorrow.” Tomorrow starts today! Don’t say “When I have some quiet, I’ll seek Him.” That may never happen. We have moments throughout the day. He is constantly there. I can constantly seek Him.

Prayer Requests

  • Stephen, Amber, and Lawton Cofer
  • Charlie Wood, surgery
  • Carey and Paula Creel, son-in-law in hospital
  • Cindy Mathis Mom and Emily Andrews Grandmother,  Nellie Caldwell
  • Bennette Ash, broken arm
  • Ralph Parker, brother having surgery

Closing Remarks

  • We love our family!

Host & Guest

Tim Peabody

Amber Cofer


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