Episode 66. Christ-Centered, Committed, Compassion

While life for most of us is moving along normally, for many children around the world, life is anything but normal. They are left wondering about getting the necessities for life. Alisha Love shares an update on how her family is doing, how Compassion changed the life of not only her family, but for an incredibly special little girl, and how we must remember to always be kind.


Intro and Welcome | Tim Peabody

  • Invited Alisha to talk about Compassion.

Guest Spot Highlight | Alisha Love, Kindergarten Teacher at CCA

  • Family doing well. All back at work and school. Very thankful for that. Not into virtual teaching five year olds. Class buzzing along. Have ten kindergartners.
  • One son, Tim, in eleventh grade at CCA. Sixteen years old and just got his driver’s license. Oldest daughter, Sydney, works at Hinds Community College and lives in Raymond. Loves her job. Works hard. Her job and her dogs is her life right now.
  • Brad pretty back to normal after his wreck three years ago. Mild back trouble.
  • Tim: Two people in your family won prizes at the Fall Picnic. Won third place in decorating contest. Tim won the pumpkin toss contest.
  • Alisha: Splitting CFA gift card win among the ladies to have a coffee date at CFA.

Compassion Journey

  • Tim: Sunday in the Commons and hallways we will have Compassion. Last time we walked through trucks. No trucks. Still immersive experience.
  • Available this weekend to come and tour. Please register for a spot to allow us to control traffic flow.
  • Alisha: We have a Compassion child. Her name is Anna, and she is from Bolivia. Nine years old. Sponsored when she was four. Enjoy the back and forth communication. Send packages and letters. Pray for her. New pictures every year and community updates. Compassion workers having to come to them due to pandemic.
  • Tim: Kids not typically orphans but in low income areas. What do they do at the Compassion Center?
  • Alisha: Taught about the love of Jesus. Make sure needs are met with clothing, medicine, food, medical care, and taught about Jesus.
  • Tim: What made you decided to do this?
  • Alisha: 2015 Compassion came to our church with a speaker. Heard the testimony of an adult who was a sponsored child. Witnessed to his family and many more affected by his sharing. Powerful service. He said, “It’s not enough to be blessed. You have to be a blessing. If you really love God, you need to prove it.” Sponsoring at $40 a month is nothing. We really do take so many things for granted. Little thing we could do and happy to do it.
  • Tim: What was your favorite thing you’ve received from Anna?
  • Alisha: Letters are in Spanish with translation. Told me about her pet chickens in her house and their names. Thought that was so cute. Sent back pet picture of our dogs and cats.
  • Tim: What is your job Saturday when volunteering?
  • Alisha: Manning the journey. Passing out audio. Will be trained beforehand.
  • Tim: Thank you for helping with that and sharing your experience with Compassion. Dr. Greg is a big believer in Compassion. Sponsors two children. So many at our church do. Hope more will decide to sponsor.

Devotional | Alicia Love

  • Have a verse to share that my kindergartners are memorizing this year.
  • Ephesians 4:32. Kind and Compassion. Forgiving.
  • I have to remember that slot as an adult. No matter what, we have to forgive. Jesus’ forgiveness never ends. Keep on my heart.
  • Even during election season. Everyone will still be family and friends and brothers and sisters in Christ afterwards.

Prayer Requests

  • Jessie “Orcutt” Williamson, Darlene Carver’s niece, hospital with pregnancy difficulty
  • David Bishop, pancreatitis
  • Alicia Dunn, father recent hospital stay
  • Charleene Gafford, recent surgery
  • Macie McCullough, one of our college students, mother in hospital

Closing Remarks

  • Look forward to hearing you sing in the Christmas program.
  • Thank you for joining us, Alisha.
  • We love our family!

Host & Guest

Tim Peabody

Alisha Love


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