Episode 68. Women Welcoming Women

The Women’s Ministry at Morrison Heights is a blessing to ladies of all ages as they strive to not only serve well, grow in Christ, and come alongside each other giving encouragement. Melanie Lenow, our soon-to-be new Women’s Ministry Leader, shares an update on her family., what the women in our church have to look forward to soon, and a worthy reminder that we all have work for the Lord to do.


Guest Spot Highlight | Melanie Lenow, MHBC Women’s Ministry

  • Family doing good . Surviving pandemic. Looking forward to holidays. Every couple of weeks things change. Challenging but good. Grown a lot.
  • Four children: Molly, 15; Elizabeth, 13; Williams, 11; Laurel, 9. All attend Clinton Public Schools. Even grades of 4, 6, 8, 10.  Kids enjoy soccer and softball.
  • Husband works at MC. Coordinating scheduling for buildings. Calendaring for school. Main title is Church Minister of Relations. Liaison between state convention and schools. Networks with church in different areas, state convention and MC.
  • Evan and I attended MC and Morrison Heights. After left Clinton, we did Masters and Graduate work at Southeastern Seminary in North Carolina. Evan also went on to PH.D. work. Then moved to Texas at Southwestern where Evan taught. Attended Birchman Baptist Church.
  • Enjoyed helping with the large Christmas production at Birchman. Saw all the behind the scenes working. Very fun.
  • Tim: Years ago, we rented the coliseum to do a huge Christmas production with live animals.
  • Tim: Something new in our church, you will soon be the Women’s Ministry Leader. Really excited. What’s going on now?
  • Melanie: Currently, looking forward to the IF Gathering this weekend. Really fantastic. Ladies coming together watching different speakers and having round table discussions. Have missed being with people and encouraging each other. Looking forward to it.
  • Tim: Thank you for being a part of the women’s ministry!
  • Melanie: Really Excited!

Devotional | Melanie Lenow

  • Evan and I serve in the youth with juniors and seniors. Studying Isaiah.
  • Isaiah 6. Calling of Isaiah. Posts were shaken. House filled with smoke. Undone because I am a man of unclean lips. Lips touched with with hot coal. Sins have been purged. Here am I. Send me.
  • Lord spoke to me and gave great encouragement. Isaiah admitted and acknowledged that he was a man of unclean lips in a people of unclean lips. Goes right into focusing on God and how majestic is God. Then answering “Send me.”
  • No doubt that we are in the same type of culture. Isaiah didn’t dwell on that. Went straight and focused on what the Lord was calling him to do.
  • Acknowledge this is a fallen world, but the Lord has lots for us to do. We can quickly say lets get to work.

Prayer Requests

  • Lynn Porter, in the loss of her father.
  • Cindy Morton, ICU
  • Jessi Orcutt Williamson, hospitalized
  • Amy Keatts, brother in hospital

Closing Remarks

  • Thank you, Melanie for being with us.
  • Learned something new….Didn’t know you were a camel trainer!
  • Thank you to everyone who joins us. Means a lot.
  • We love our family!

Host & Guest

Tim Peabody

Melanie Lenow


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