Episode 69. Merry Musical Miranda

New Ministry Assistant. Children’s Christmas Musical. Christmas Choir Performance. The Music Ministry at Morrison Heights is busy, busy, busy. Miranda Lee, our new Music Ministry Assistant, shares a bit about her first week on the job, her family, and a worthy reminder that God’s grace is always sufficient.


Guest Spot Highlight | Miranda Lee, Music Ministry Assistant

  • Been working at the church one week. Really enjoying it. Everyone been encouraging, sweet, and helpful.
  • Music Ministry Assistant. Lots of time with Kathy and Michael. Big thing on the agenda is the Christmas program. December 13 during both morning worship services at 9:00 AM and 10:45 AM.
  • Choir is sounding great. Got to accompany on piano last Wednesday. Sounds beautiful. Looking forward to the program myself.
  • Married a seminary graduate. Took first church three months after married. He preached, and I was a worship leader in Crystal Springs. Following the Lord’s will is not always our will. Went to Ohio. Music Professor at a Bible college. Husband started out in youth ministry before coming here to attend Wesley Biblical Seminary. Called to Northwest Indiana and it was cold. Served as worship leader and taught at another college. Then moved to Pennsylvania. Then South Carolina. Then moved to Mississippi after he received a transfer to the local Costco. Arrived on Christmas Day evening at 12:30 AM.
  • Tim: See Jake at Costco all the time. I love Costco.
  • Five children. Oldest is Matthew, 19. He enlisted in Air National Guard. Wants to be a pilot. Bootcamp was shut down. Enjoying having him a little longer. Only girl is Hannah, 18 years old. Senior year. Joshua, 13. Surviving quarantine. No Covid. Soccer player. Elijah, 10. 4th grade loves baseball and every sport. Jeremiah, kindergarten.
  • Hardest part of Covid was that when we moved I couldn’t get a job. Homeschooled due to Covid. Starting here was a leap of faith should schools go back virtual.
  • Teaching 4th grade. Such a blessing. Paige and Melissa in need of teachers. If want to be involved, children’s ministry needs volunteers. Can serve first or second hours. Spacing out. Cleaning after each class. Wearing masks.

Devotional | Miranda Lee

  • Meaningful devotion read which began with a personal testimony. Author struggled in school and felt like she was in the caboose of the spelling train and not good enough.
  • Moses also didn’t feel good enough. One sider argument with God. Moses told God he wasn’t the one. God replied, “I AM who I AM.”  Moses was eighty years old when he had his one sider conversation with God.
  • Everyone will struggle with feeling inferiority, insecurity, and inadequacy just like Moses. The underlying statement feeding this sense of worthlessness is the phrase, “I am not enough.”
  • Remember that whatever we feel we are not, God is. He fills in our gaps. “My grace is sufficient for you.” Allow God to fill in our blanks. He turns what we perceive as our greatest weaknesses into our greatest strengths. You are more than enough.
  • He is our all and our grace.

Prayer Requests

  • Jessi Orcutt Williamson, delivered her baby girl, Paden.
  • Lynda Williams

Closing Remarks

  • Thank you, Miranda!
  • No podcast next week due to Thanksgiving.
  • We love our family.

Host & Guest

Tim Peabody

Miranda Lee


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