Episode 70. Continually Celebrate Christ

December is always a busy month in the life of our church. This year some things will look a bit different, but we are still excited to be celebrating the birth of our Lord. Dr. Greg shares an update on all the happenings, and reminds us that even though we walk through trials and troubles we must still, as the redeemed, praise the Lord.


Guest Spot Highlight |  Dr. Greg Belser, Senior Pastor

  • Family doing great. Went to Birmingham to visit Susan’s parents and our daughter and grandchildren.
  • Elders putting out a statement about the Covid situation. State Health Department came out on Wednesday and suggested that due to rise in cases and hospitalizations, they recommended that all non-essential gatherings be discontinued. The last suggestion was in person church recommending people not attend. Elders talked through and determined that we don’t believe that is the appropriate response. Gov. Reeves has not hindered local churches, and I agree with the governor. Religious liberty issue. Strong emphasis on hygiene, social distance, masks. No outbreak at Morrison Heights. Unaware of single case that can be traced back to Morrison Heights. Thankful. Glory to God. Don’t believe appropriate we should stay away from church. Don’t believe spiritually wise and no evidence physically wise since nothing attributed back to church. Large room. People sitting distanced. Only near in passing. As a result, we are not going to discontinue services. Encourage congregation to come to church. Good for them and good for us. They help us.
  • We acknowledge the severity of the virus. Head not in sand. Acknowledge there are many that are high risk for the virus. Self-police. Dependent on people taking care of themselves. If healthy, we hope you will come and be with us. Attentive to high risk individuals.
  • Only a doomsday scenario would shut us back down. If pastor comes down, not a mortal wound. Lots of preachers. If we found our situation is flawed, I would say quickly, that if our procedures were flawed, we would change. If flawed, we will fix if needed. Can’t imagine shutting back down unless some new development no one knows about.
  • Excited. Continuing to have morning and evening services. December 6 is our last NT workshop for the fall. December 13 ordaining Bill Harris as an elder. Preaching on Advent through December. Having two observances of our Christmas Eve service – one at 2:00 and 4:00. Attendance running sixty percent so social distancing will still be possible. Lord’s Supper will be served. Shoutout to Deacon ministry for learning a new protocol. All did and did it well. Morning of December 13 will be our Christmas choir performance. Two performances during regular service times. Please sit in green seats and not red seats. Planned with proper precautions.
  • Many are suggesting church is an unsafe place. Perhaps true in some environments. We have a very large facility. Very easy to come in and leave and not find yourself in an uncomfortable situation. Pleased with our results at Morrison Heights. God has been very merciful to us.
  • Meet with local pastors weekly to pray. Contending with all this as well. Everyone having to be experts in fields no of us really want to be. Pray for our local churches. People want to share Christ and see the Gospel advanced. Hard when people are hunkered down. A lot of empathy for our local pastors and churches.
  • Tim: New employee. Rhonda got married and moving to Brookhaven. Had a good party for her in the hall of pastors. Dalton hired a young lady named Teagan to be our new receptionist beginning first Monday in January. Desk will be covered in December with a familiar face.
  • Dalton: Teagan will be good in position. Great. Kind. Lots of qualities of our old receptionist.
  • Tim: Rhonda – Hope you will notice he called you old. (Haha)
  • Dr. Greg: Not old. Knew somebody would call me out. (Haha) Thankful for her and the time she has served. Pleasant. Welcoming. Exactly the kind of person we want in that job. Wish Rhonda nothing but the best. Going to miss her.

Devotional | Dr. Greg

  • Psalm 107.  Redeemed of the Lord should acknowledge the Lord. Primary acknowledgement is that He has redeemed us from trouble.
  • Current trouble is Covid but no end to other troubles. Expectation of Scripture is that when the Lord redeems us and blesses us and generally oversees us with His benevolent position, we are to praise the Lord.
  • Our family has discussed this. The Lord has spared us. We should say so. Spared most everyone as well also. Most people we know have not had the virus. Trust people will continue to stay well.
  • Let the redeemed of the Lord say so! Continue to be thankful. Celebrate what God has and is doing.

Prayer Requests

  • Lee Atkinson, Paige Atkinson’s brother-in-law, in hospital with Covid.
  • Paden Orcutt Wililamson, daughter of Jessi Orcutt Williamson, still in hospital.
  • Cooper Deloach, surgery.
  • Diane Taylor, husband Paul in hospital.
  • Wanda Rushing, in the loss of her brother.
  • Jodie Fortenberry, in the loss of her step-mother.

Closing Remarks

  • Tim: What does Mrs. Susan like to watch on football?
  • Dr. Greg: Texas fan.
  • Dr. Greg: Oldest daughter lives near Chicago, my 12 year old grandson. He is a Chicago Bears fan. He knows I am a Packers fan from way back. My grandson, the Packers played the Bears Sunday night, to run Bears smack to tell me Aaron Rogers was going to be beat. Packers wiped the floor with the bears. Called grandson Monday to harass him and remind him if he’s going to talk smack he needs a better quarterback.
  • Thank you for joining us.
  • We love our family.

Host & Guest

Tim Peabody

Dr. Greg Belser, Senior Pastor


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