Episode 72. Building, Budgeting, Bonding

The Lord has continued to bless Morrison Heights over and over for which we are abundantly grateful. Billy Allen shares with us an update on how the church is ministering, serving, and giving during this difficult year. He also reminds us how the Spirit can guide us each and every day.


Intro and Welcome | Tim Peabody

  • Last episode of 2020.

Guest Spot Highlight | Billy Allen, Church Administrator

  • Family doing very well. Not gotten virus. In good shape.
  • Christmas program was quite a good experience. Commend Michael and all those involved in putting it together.
  • Life experience has been different during pandemic. Pacing self. Being careful. Not letting ruin our life. Being engaged when we need to be engaged. Part of things with family as much as we can.
  • Tim: No outbreaks at church. Not able to trace any cases back to transmission at the church.
  • Billy: Property staff has been diligent to sanitize when needed and keeping facility like it needs to be done.
  • Tim: Areas you oversee include properties, finances, and the counseling ministry? How has the counseling ministry been doing during this season?
  • Billy: Been able to meet the needs and requests that we’ve had. Counselors have been active and very helpful in responding to what comes our way.
  • Tim: On our minds right now are Mark and Pam Thomason. House burned Wednesday morning. What can we do for them?
  • Billy: Tim Rowan and I visited with Mark on-site. Pam had already left getting her medications taken care of since she’s a diabetic. Church will be facilitating a fund. Can donate by putting “Thomason Assistance” in the memo line of check. We will be glad to help take care of this family. Mark and Pam have been an integral part of our church and leading our special needs ministry. Another couple in our church, David and Barbra Winborne, have stepped up and are making one of their cabin facilities available for Mark and Pam to reside in while their home is being rebuilt.
  • Tim: Wrapping up Giving Tree. Understand it’s going to be a good year. No final number yet. Goes along with our church’s financial year in general. Shockingly good year for our church financially. We owe to that you right? (Laughter)
  • Billy: It’s the hearts of our people who have stepped forward and are committed to the mission of our church which is to bring the Gospel to all people. Grateful people are responding like they have. About $500,000 ahead of our budget anticipation receipts. Well ahead of last year’s receipts. Our new facility had over thirteen million dollars involved and additional projects we added on top of that such as student building and new children’s wing/theater. We have around 100,000 left with two weeks to go in the year to fully retire that debt. Testimony of our people. Encouraged to step forward and please help make happen.
  • Tim: Roughly twenty-seven million invested in the building and only one hundred thousand to go. Excited and can’t wait!
  • Billy: Will free up some funds that we’ve been using through our regular budget to go towards the note payment that we will be able to use for ministry now.
  • Tim: You began working here in 2014 from a career in hospital administration?
  • Billy: Involved in healthcare administration for forty-two years. Working and using the free will gifts of people who are responding to the Lord has brought great joy to me.
  • Tim: Heard that you and your wife once had a bed and breakfast.
  • Billy: We did. In 1997, we built a new structure to look old for a bed and breakfast in Hattiesburg. Called Done Hoping. Eleven room facility. Enjoyed that time. Scalia stayed at our bed and breakfast. Didn’t get to meet him, but Pat did.
  • Tim: Coming up on holidays, many have lost loved ones. Any counseling advice?
  • Billy: Proverbs 4:23. Guard your heart with all diligence. Even in a time of loss we need to guard our hearts and look to the Lord who gives all that we need to deal with hard times or losses that we have. In times of loss, encourage those around us. Big opportunity.
  • Tim: You guard your heart through music. What are you singing? Hope not Santa Baby!
  • Billy: Music goes through my head all day, everyday. There was a song from a number of years ago when the Singing Christmas Tree was a big deal in a lot of the Baptist churches. In the early 80’s, we attended Alta Woods Baptist. Particular song our worship pastor introduced us too – The Night Journey of the Wisemen. Quite a lyric – “When the heaven’s exploded.” Beautiful piece.

Devotional | Billy Allen

  • Psalm 51. “Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.”
  • The Spirit can guide us with our steps and thoughts and intentions of our heart each day. Rely on verse quite often.
  • Tim: Appreciate your sincere, pure heart for God.

Prayer Requests

  • Thankful for God’s blessing.
  • Mark and Pam Thomason, in the loss of their home due to fire
  • Mary Graham, in the passing of her husband Doyce

Closing Remarks

  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  • We Love Our Family!

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Tim Peabody

Billy Allen


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