Episode 74. Tim Talks To Teagan

Welcoming a new staff member is always a joy, and we are excited to welcome our new receptionist, Teagan Jenkins. She joins us today and shares a little about herself so we can all get to know her better. Be sure to introduce yourself next time you are in the church office!


Guest Spot Highlight | Teagan Jenkins, Administration Receptionist

  • New receptionist in our church office. Podcast newbie.
  • A lot of theater at Mississippi College. Many Shakespeare plays. Senior project was “Mid Summer Night’s Dream.” Last theater major before they dropped it. Went out with a bang. 
  • Enjoying working at Morrison Heights. Had some time with Mrs. Rhonda to train. Everyone on staff has been sweet and encouraging. 
  • Married to Cody. Attended MC. Works at Johnson and Murphy as Assistant Store Manager. Live in Brandon. Have a dog and a cat that is new to our family. Cat person. Family fostered and tamed ferals so more of a cat person. New cat is a five year old rescue we’ve named Bilbo because I like Lord of the Rings. Bilbo the cat. Balto the dog. 
  • Met Cody though his roommate who is a good friend from college. Friend get together after homecoming is where they met, and he said he was immediately interested. Went home to Florida and thought would never see him again. Followed her on Instagram and began texting. Stood out because he was just genuinely trying to get to know me. Job opportunity to move here and after a few dates we began pursuing a relationship. Worked out well. 
  • Grew up in a military family. Mom was Air Force. Dad was Army. Lived in many places and enjoyed many experiences. Both stationed at Eglin Air Force base. 
  • Play violin. Plan to get connected to music ministry soon. 

Devotional | Tim Peabody

  • Acts 10: 34 – 35; 43 
  • Our message is that we want people of all nations to hear the Word of God. They are our brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Prayer Requests

  • Miranda Lee, mom is in the hospital
  • Pat Bradley
  • Angela Adair
  • Leroy Puckett
  • Dale Humphries
  • Family of Dot Carpenter in their loss

Prayer | Tim Peabody

Closing Remarks

  • We love our family!

Host & Guest

Tim Peabody

Teagan Jenkins


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