Episode 75. Lifting Life. Loving Life.

All life is a gift from God. However, many women struggle to decide whether to give life to their unborn. Erin Kate Goode shares how the Crisis Pregnancy Center is meeting a need by encouraging women by supporting them through their pregnancy and after as well as giving them life-giving hope.


Guest Spot Highlight | Erin Kate Goode, Executive Director, CPC Metro

  • Family doing fine. Healthy. No one has had covid that we know of.
  • Husband is Jim. Runs a lot but not for very long. Discovered late in life he was fast. Bag pipe player.
  • Children are Chloe and Chase. Adopted. Went through foster care system. They lived at the Baptist Children’s Village for two years near Lewisville. Morrison Heights cared for them before we even attended. Three and six when they arrived in our home. Brother and sister. Adopted in 2014. 
  • Tim: Baptist Children’s Village is front line work and we are proud to be a part of that work. 
  • CPC has been around since 1988. Founded in response to the abortion crisis in the Jackson area. Started out with people standing outside the abortion clinic offering help. Grew into a resource center, then medical clinic. Two medical clinics in Jackson. Do pregnancy tests, sonograms, decision counseling. Beyond the pregnancy, we provide support through local churches so they can be discipled and supported for the long haul. Church partnership is growing. If not support after leaving the clinic, it becomes an empty promise. Makes a difference in her choosing life. 
  • People signed up on Sunday to help. Will be calling them back. People can go to cpcmetrofriends.org and click on volunteer to sign up if they missed out on Sunday. 
  • Been working with CPC since 2012 as a volunteer on my lunch hour. Job became available and then in 2017 became the director. 
  • Tim: Love what y’all do. Hope more people will get involved through the CPC or our Christian Action Team headed up by Vickie Mechatto. Want to connect people with caring for those ladies in a crisis pregnancy and protect the unborn. 
  • Tim: What advice would you give to someone who says they care but it’s not my place to say or do anything?
  • Erin Kate: Serving at the CPC is not for everyone. What can you do in the church to promote a culture of life? Pray. Be an influence when there are unplanned pregnancies in the church. Welcome children no matter how or when they got here. Celebrate life. 

Devotional | Erin Kate Goode

  • Our word is “hope.” Women come to us not just because of the pregnancy but the circumstances surrounding it. Everything is not always perfectly fine. Hanging by a thread anyway – relationships, finances etc. 
  • What makes us different as Christians is that we have hope. 
  • Romans 15:13 – Overflow with hope. Filled with joy and peace. 
  • Easy to get bogged down but we can overflow with hope. We have enough hope for us and for others. 
  • As Christians, we always have to be aware what we are bringing into the room or the situation.
  • Hope is meant to be shared and spilled over onto those who have no hope. 

Prayer Requests

  • Tamara Campbell, in the hospital
  • Billy Graves, in the hospital
  • Lonnie Rushing, heart cath on Wednesday
  • Leo and Joyce Bourlet, son-in-law in hospital 

Closing Remarks

  • Erin Kate: Appreciate the support of the church. Our church has more individual monthly supporters than any other church in the metro. Thank you.
  • We Love Our Family!

Host & Guest

Tim Peabody

Erin Kate Goode
Executive Direction, CPC Metro


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