Episode 76. Follow, Focus, Finish

It is always a nice thing to catch up with old friends, and today Richard Collum joins us to not only celebrate Morrison Heights paying off our building debt, but to share an update on how he and his wife are doing. Richard also reminds us that we must keep our eyes focused on Christ and the prize of heaven.


Guest Spot Highlight | Richard Collum, Assoc. Pastor-Finance and Admin, Retired 2014

  • Sherry and I are doing well. Enjoying our time in Mt. Juliet, TN. Been here seven years. Served MHBC for thirty-three years. 
  • Tim: You were a big part of our building project, and we wanted to see your face when we told you we have paid it off. 
  • Richard: Excited. Totally. Little bit surprised you got it done quicker. Not suppose to be out of there for six years according to my spread sheet. (Insert chuckle) Totally surprised. 
  • Great experience. No question that we were in the center of His will. 
  • Tim: What confirmed that for you?
  • Richard: The main thing, obvious thing, He was blessing the church unbelievably. We were out of space. Didn’t start with me coming. They had just celebrated twenty years and five building programs. God has been blessing since the very beginning. Made it very clear to us that we were out of educational space, worship space, parking space, and we had Sunday School classes meeting in hallways. Time to do something. Church stepped up. 
  • Tim: Thankful for your leadership during that time and this process. 
  • Richard: Unique that when the commitment was made, it was determined that every dollar that was raised, ten percent would go to missions. Never heard of that before. Nothing new for Morrison Heights. Strong evangelistically and mission minded. Key part to God continuing to bless. 
  • Tim: When you started in 1980 at MHBC, was your job administration and finance?
  • Richard: No. Was Minister of Education. 
  • Tim: Did you teach Dr. Charles everything he knows?
  • Richard: Noooooo Way! 
  • Tim: Have y’all had Covid?
  • Richard: No way. We don’t leave the house unless to go to curbside service to feed us. Not much golfing. Surgery eight weeks ago. Been cold. Looking forward to getting back to golf.
  • Tim: Thankful we got a chance to catch up with you! Do you have a devotion?

Devotional | Richard Collum

  • Phil. 3: 13 – 14
  • Author trying to get across that we don’t need to dwell in the past. Obviously, we’ve been talking about Morrison Heights, and they have a tremendous past. Don’t forget it; don’t dwell on it.
  • Forget the failures. Forget the successes. Admonition of Paul. Instead focus on the future.
  • Goal is to finish the race of life. Get in the race. Be involved. Prize will go to those who finish well and stay on task. Ultimate prize is that every Christian will get to spend eternity with Christ in heaven.
  • Keep our eyes on heaven and on the prize. 

Prayer Requests | Richard Collum

  • Leo and Joyce Bourlet’s son in law, in the hospital.
  • Melinda Smith, in the passing of her mother. 

Closing Remarks

  • Thank you for joining us!
  • We love our family!

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Tim Peabody

Richard Collum


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