Episode 77. College Connects Christ, Church, Community

Our college ministry is doing great things to advance the good news of the Gospel through missional groups, Bible studies, and discipleship. Drew Dabbs gives us an update on all the happenings, and reminds us that while we may make plans, we must remember to pray.


Guest Spot Highlight | Drew Dabbs, Minister to College

  • College Minister at MHBC for seven years. 
  • Kristie and the kids are doing great. Kristie stays at home with the boys. Loves it. Always grateful when I get home. Been doing really well through all the craziness of this past year. Have avoided getting the virus. 
  • Tim: How is college ministry doing these days?
  • Drew: It’s been a strange year, but its been a good year as far as ministry goes. When we shut down last March, we sent all the students away for Spring Break, including a team that went to Las Vegas, Nevada on a mission trip, and then students just never came back. College students never came back after Spring Break, so my team and I scrambled to figure out how we could still minister to college students who were scattered everywhere and learning to live on mission where they were. Rolled on into summer. Planned for a different fall. Campuses didn’t always know what they were going to do, so we didn’t always know what we were going to do. Good plan rolled out. Space to work.
  • Tim: What can you do on JSU campus right now?
  • Drew: Can’t do a lot physically on campus. A few students who will go out to campus regularly and meet students, and share the Gospel. Primarily have a missional community that meets right next to campus. 
  • Tim: Missional groups are small groups who meet for Bible study and prayer right? 
  • Drew: Yes. Groups of 8 – 20 students. At the core is a group of believers. Meet for two weeks to focus on God, and on the third week, they plan some sort of hangout time to invite others in their circle. Had ten out groups last week. 
  • Tim: How many people connected to college ministry through Sunday morning and missional communities?
  • Drew: Last week, had 250 students impacted. Huge blessing seeing that kind of impact even when campuses feel largely difficult to reach. Love that it is all student led. College students getting the mission of God and going to lostness. Lots of encouraging stuff happening. 
  • Tim: Encouraged to see the three guys we licensed to ministry and to hear their stories.
  • Drew: Exciting. All three are guys I’ve worked closely with. Been a part of discipling them as well as others in our ministry. God’s impact in their lives over the past few years has been a blessing to see. One of the most encouraging things about their stories is that two of the guys came to college with ministry not on their radar. Dillon came planning to be a  youth minister and now going to be a church planter. Got where they are because another college leader grabbed them and invited them into a discipleship relationship and invested in them. 
  • Tim: Dillon is engaged now.
  • Drew: He proposed on Sunday, and she said yes.  Fiancée is Candice. 
  • Tim: Anything else you’d like us to know. 
  • Drew: Praying that God is going to send forty-five college students out this summer. Big number. Most sent before has been twenty-five. Ministry partnerships with NAMB, IMB, and others. Specifically focusing on areas that MHBC has an existing relationship. Invite our church family to pray for this. 
  • Tim: 1:11 Project is our in-house summer mission operation. Will these students be under that umbrella?
  • Drew: These would all be under our umbrella. Able to do more and have more control over the situation with our ministry connections. 
  • Please keep praying that as more things continue to open up that our students will be able to advance the Kingdom on their campus through the local church. 

Prayer Requests

  • Macie McCullough, mom Amanda in the hospital
  • Red Parret, in hospital
  • Joe Moss, in the hospital
  • George Walters, Richard Walter’s dad, in the hospital

Devotional | Drew Dabbs

  • Reading through OT in my quiet time with the Lord. Got to the part about building the temple. David wanted to build and God says not you, but Solomon. 
  • Noticed in 1 Kings 8 that the few chapters before is all of Solomon’s plans. He has plans on one side but then stops after the temple is built and prays. 
  • Verses 27 – 30
  • I like being a minister and making plans and building things for God’s glory. Passage reminds me though at the end of the day it is whether God answers our prayer or not. I may want to send forty-five students this summer, but ultimately it’s God’s thing, and He will do what He wants to do. 
  • Make plans to engage, desire to see the kingdom of God move but pray and ask God to do it and trust that is His plan for His glory. 
  • Planning versus praying. 

Prayer | Drew Dabbs

Closing Remarks

  • We love our family!

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Tim Peabody

Drew Dabbs, College Minister


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