Episode 79. Peaceful, Prayerful Pause

Prayer is so important in the life a believer. Our church is blessed to have a wonderful prayer team, headed up by Chrystelle Thames, to encourage us in this discipline. She shares with us today an update on the Baptist Children’s Village, prayer ministry needs, and a reminder that not only must we ourselves be disciplined in prayer, we must encourage the younger generation.


Guest Spot Highlight | Chrystelle Thames, Comm. Director, Baptist Children’s Village

  • Bobby and I doing well. Survived the year of the pandemic. Family has continued to be pretty busy. Work has a lot of digital going on. 
  • Work at Baptist Children’s Village. Before pandemic, traveled around MS. After pandemic, went for a season with no traveling. No outside guests on campuses for a time. Now we’ve learned a little more and how we can keep people safe. Staff beginning to travel. Baptist Village has seven campuses all over the state. First satellite campus in early seventies. Added several since 2004. 
  • Baptist Children’s Village extends to smaller campuses everywhere rather than one large campus. 
  • Wonderful BCV Director – Sean Milner. Sean was a child at the Village when young. He holds the record for the longest tenure as a BCV resident. 
  • Sean, Bobby, and I lived at the BCV at the same time. 
  • Moved to BCV at sixteen. Met Bobby there. Married. Ministry of the BCV brought us together. Rest is history. 
  • Director of the prayer team for MHBC. Established a war room to cover services in prayer. Weekly encouragement through the war room. Renewed effort to enlist people into our intercessory prayer room to pray for one hour slots throughout the week. War room is for services. Intercessory is more for individuals and the needs they have. More confidential. 
  • Several of our folks have a passion for writing encouraging notes. 
  • Tim: Life Action is coming up March 21 – 28. Know you have been leading us to pray leading up to that. Life Groups are adopting team members to pray for them. Prayer guide. Prayer meeting on March 14th at 5:00 PM for our Life Action Summit. 
  • Continuing to communicate with Life Groups about opportunities to pray with the prayer team about Life Action. Would love to see people become more aware of how God is at work around us. Prayer is that through Life Action that we will become more aware. 

Devotional | Chrystelle Thames

Prayer Guide Focus: Pray adult Christians will set a pattern of seeking the Lord in all things so that younger generations may find strength and hope in the Lord, especially in times of crisis. 

Two Things To See: 1 – Disciplined to seek the Lord. 2. The younger generation may find strength. Be a model. Mentor. 

Acts 17: 26 – 27, Acts 3: 19 – 20

Book Quote: When God Shows Up – Awaken to the presence of Christ in our lives. Feel our way toward him and find Him. 

Prayer Requests

  • Darryl Strickler, heart cath Friday.
  • Mary Sanders, in the loss of her brother.
  • Melanie White, in the loss of her mom. 

Closing Remarks

  • Chrystelle – Lord brought Bobby from Seattle and I’m from Detroit. God brought Bobby and I together in Jackson, MS.
  • Tim: This month marks the one year anniversary of the podcast. A year is a good amount of time. Going to request that we make one year the end point.  Love the podcast!
  • Thank you for watching!
  • We love our family!

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