Episode 80. Planning, Praying, Praising

Building projects are daunting tasks, but when they are complete and paid off, there is much to remember about God’s goodness and faithfulness. Dan Modisett reminisces with us about the planning of our Hampstead Campus and reminds us that Scripture shows that we are expected to plan, but in that planning we must never forget Christ.


Guest Spot Highlight | Dan Modisett,  MHBC Finance Committee Chairman

  • Former President of WLBT for thirty-eight years. Stay busy.
  • Family been laying low. Retired six years ago. Travel to see children. Staying close. Got our second vaccination so feeling a little freedom. 
  • Tim: Tell us how it felt when the church paid off our large mortgage payment. 
  • Dan: More than twenty years. Amazing, emotional time. 
  • Tim: What do you remember about the early days of the dream of moving and building a bigger building?
  • Dan: We were landlocked at Morrison Drive. Relocation not first choice but a last choice. Emotional attachments to a church. Emotional to relocate. To see paid off is unbelievable. Looking back, wish I had trusted God more and myself less. 
  • Amazing things happened:
  • Voted to purchase the land. Huge step. Started looking for land everywhere and couldn’t find any. Had not bought a year after approval. Decided to stop looking and started praying. The original, prime piece of real estate we looked at is where we are now, and it wasn’t for sale. Bought the land. 
  • Paid cash for the land. Had to get a loan. Bank agreed to do it. Right as we started building, bank got a new president, and they didn’t like church loans. Found one bank who would help but had to wait on student and college building. Then able to build a student ministry building more than double in size we had planned for and paid cash for that. 
  • Hampstead Road. Looked like we would finish church before the road. Dressed up and nowhere to go. Got completed. 
  • Ran out of children’s space almost immediately. Built the new children’s area and theater. Paid in cash. 
  • Every time we ran into road blocks something miraculous would happen. 
  • Tim: Who is one of the nameless MVP’s that we don’t think of as a key part of the process, but you remember?
  • Dan: Don’t want to leave anyone out. Glen Holmes and his committee. Randy Mascagni. Laura Jackson. Parents of the youth and college students who went through a waiting period with no new building. 
  • Lots of unity in our church. God has been so good to us. During the pandemic, was feeling offerings were going to go down on my watch, and God provided for us in phenomenal ways. Must learn to trust God through all this. 
  • Tim: No episode next week. Pray for me. Defending the first three chapters of my dissertation. Excited. Not done but can conduct research and write the last two chapters. Making progress. Hope to finish by July. 
  • Dan: I remember when you were in college ministry and I taught in college. 
  • Tim: You were my teacher at one point. Always hosted the Super Bowl party. 
  • Dan: We had ninety people in our house at one point. Tim and family lived with us for a short period of time after Katrina. 
  • Tim: Helped us transition back to Clinton. 

Devotional | Dan Modisett

  • Many verses that meant a lot to me through our building process. Luke 14: 28 – 30.
  • Expected to do planning. Scripture lays it out in more than one place. 
  • Proverbs 16:9. Lord establishes our steps. 
  • We miss including God in our life plans, family, career and church. Missing what’s best for us – help plotting our life’s journey. 
  • Goodness of God. Obedient and follow His will. At best, when you leave God out, you aren’t not getting His best, and at the worst, it can be destructive. 
  • Proverbs 16:3
  • Nothing wrong with planning. Scripture says to count the cost and commit your life to Him. 

Prayer Requests

  • Brenda Carson, in the hospital
  • Billy Prevost, hospice care

Prayer | Dan Modisett

Closing Remarks

  • Thank you for coming!
  • Tim: Where you been itching to travel?
  • Dan: Had to cancel a Mediterranean cruise. Looking to do that. Going to see our kids. Just saw youngest son in Baltimore for the first time in eight months. He works for the Baltimore Ravens. Covid test everyday for two hundred days. Tested negative every time. Only tested twice a week now. Not sure about international travel just yet. 
  • Tim: Which team do you wish your son worked for?
  • Dan: Saints would be great, but Baltimore is a great organization. Going to be Baltimore fans. Dream would be Saints versus Ravens in the Super Bowl. Win, Win.
  • Tim: What do you wish people knew about media across the country right now?
  • Dan: Worse thing is cable news. Not news. Entertainment. Divided us. Yearn for the days people just gave the news. 
  • Tim: What should we do to make our podcast better?
  • Dan: Only Oprah outshines you! (Insert laughter). Seen everyone. Learned alot. Connection which we desperately needed. 
  • Thank you! We enjoyed it!
  • We love our family!

Host & Guest

Tim Peabody

Dan Modisett


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