Episode 81. Cultivating Conversations, Celebrating Christ’s Character

One never knows where the Lord might lead you. The place where the Lord led Maxie Johnson was Life Action. She shares with us her love of music and learning languages, as well as her desire to always boast in the Lord.


Guest Spot Highlight | Maxie Johnson, Life Action Vocalist

  • Enjoy helping team members process life. Listening. 
  • Second year with Life Action. From Southaven in North Mississippi.
  • Speak Korean. Didn’t know much about other cultures even though intrigued. The South Korean culture stuck out to me. Prayed. Deep peace learning Korean two years ago. Self-taught. 
  • Always interested in singing. Never wanted to be famous for singing. Want to be an underground artist. Never want to be upscale. 
  • Favorite song “Yet Not I But Christ in Me.” Love to sing songs can deeply resonate with and that remind me of truth. Like to let a song hit me regardless of the emotional state I’m in. 
  • By the grace of God, learned early on that emotions are unstable and change very often. When singing songs of Christ’s truth, His character, and my identity regardless of how I feel those things are truth. Truth is important, absolute, and concrete. Reminding myself of truth. 
  • To connect, I don’t look at facial expressions. God is good. Don’t see strangers, but brothers and sisters in Christ. 
  • Favorite place we’ve visited is Duluth, Georgia. Met a lot of my international friends there. Saw building names in Korean and met many Koreans. Got to speak the language with them. Very cool. 
  • Never would have dreamed that I would be learning Korean, and that God really does know what He is doing. Burning passion for diversity. Could see things that might cause separation due to cultural issues. Burdened. Prayed that Life Action and the church would become more diverse. Every host home we had conversations about diversity. Love having these conversations. During the time of social unrest, people that I had talked to previously were contacting me again with questions. They all had a place to go to and have those conversations. 
  • For the future, I am taking things a day at a time. Love creating a home. Atmosphere of safety where people are heard, listened to, and loved. Hope to cultivate that environment wherever I go. Would like to adopt children. 

Devotional | Maxie Johnson

  • Jeremiah 9: 23 – 24
  • Gotten me through difficult times and understanding my purpose is not prestige or success, but to know and understand the Lord. Look forward to embarking on the sanctification process. 

Prayer | Maxie Johnson

Closing Remarks 

  • Tim: What is the most annoying part of a week with Life Action. 
  • Maxie: Food. Lots of food allergies. 
  • Tim: Thanks for coming on the show!
  • Tim: This week is our one year anniversary of the podcast. S
  • We love our family. 

Host & Guest

Tim Peabody

Maxie Johnson, Life Action Vocalist


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