Episode 82. Claire Cheerfully Chats

It’s always nice to welcome a new staff member which is why we are excited to visit with Claire Jones, our new Elementary Ministry Assistant. Claire gives us an update on her life, ministry and a reminder that we are called to glorify God.


Guest Spot Highlight | Claire Jones, Elementary Ministry Assistant

  • Come from outside Birmingham in a little town called Wilsonville. Went to school in Pellum. 
  • Student at Mississippi College. Sophomore. Great school. Small community. MC fits me well. Music education major. Vocal emphasis. Enjoy playing piano and that is my favorite class. 
  • Part of Swannanoa Social Tribe. No formal this year due to Covid. 
  • Mrs. Paige’s assistant. Spend time getting ready for Sunday. Helping her throughout the week. Good time! Blessed to have her as my boss. Getting stuff ready for summer. 
  • Help on Sunday mornings in the classrooms and with our GA’s on Sunday night. 
  • Tim: Spring Picnic is May 2. GA’s will be serving ice cream, and the RA’s will have their derby race. 
  • Tim: How has Covid been?
  • Formal was sad but suddenly being off campus was a strange time. Got to spent months with my family. Get to experience what it was like in high school and appreciate it more. Started some new family traditions like Taco Sunday. 
  • The future is really unknown which is a big deal for a lot of college students. Excited to be getting ministry experience and to live at school and rest in that. College is like being a little kid with the responsibility of being an adult. 
  • Part of MC Singers. Planning to go to Europe in 2022. Favorite tradition at MC is the Festival of Lights. Just started performing more. Exciting to get back out and do music again. 
  • Love our college ministry. Been at MHBC on and off for a year but now solidly back. 

Devotional | Claire Jones

  • Learned a lot from Life Action. 
  • Dying to your plan and full surrender to God’s plan. 
  • Share the Gospel, die, be forgotten. 
  • College student live in the moment, but anything could happen to any of us so our ultimate purpose is to glorify god. 
  • John 12: 44 – 45
  • Humbling to think we can die to our ives and be useful to the Lord through that. 

Prayer Requests

  • Glenda Terry, sister in hospital
  • Wilson Hudson, in the hospital

Closing Remarks

  • Tim: Favorite book or movie? 
  • Claire: Big musical fan. Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals. Top three are: The King and I, Sound of Music, State Fair. 
  • Thank you for joining us!
  • We love our family. 

Host & Guest

Tim Peabody

Claire Jones, Elementary Ministry Assistant


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