Episode 83. Blessing By Bagpipes

We have all been blessed with special gifts that we can use for the Lord. Jim Goode shares with us his love of bagpipes, along with several other hobbies and reminds us that no matter our gifts, we can always use them for the Lord.


Guest Spot Highlight | Jim Goode, Belhaven University – Mgr. Fin. Systems

  • Tim: Bagpipe player for Sunday. How’s your family?
  • Everybody is doing well. Wife Erin Kate staying busy. Chase and Chloe are ready for school to wind up. 
  • Been at Belhaven for seven years. Attended school at Millsaps, saw the light and went to Belhaven. 
  • Tim: Marveled at the bagpipes Sunday. 
  • Jim: Amazing instrument. Not common in this area of the country. Less than ten players in the state. Been playing for twenty-five years. Met people from all over the world. 
  • Tim: How often do you play at an event?
  • Jim: For awhile, it seemed very often. Last couple of years it has slowed down. Love working with our choir and musicians. Very gifted group of individuals. Glad to have a small part. 
  • Tim: What is the craziest place you’ve ever been asked to play bagpipes?
  • Jim: Got asked to play for a funeral, and I was in high school. Still couldn’t drive. People picked me up and brought me to the funeral. So many motorcycles. Rough and tumble group. Took hours for the funeral. Didn’t play until the end. 
  • Tim: When did the crowd response the best to your playing the bagpipes?
  • Jim: In church services with pieces like Amazing Grace that everyone knows. When you bring in the combination of choir and orchestra with the bagpipes, I can see the joy in people’s faces. 
  • Tim: You are also a runner. Came to running late in life right?
  • Jim: I did. Hurt knee in college. Nine to ten years ago started up again and kept at it. Did a race, and realized I was kinda fast. Kept doing races. Won a couple of races and a half marathon. Fun to get out and meet people. 
  • Tim: What was your 5K PR?
  • Jim: 17:09. 
  • Tim: What was your marathon PR?
  • Jim: Never run a full marathon. Half marathon PR 1 hour and 24 minutes. 
  • Tim: What else should we know about you?
  • Jim: Like to work on old cars. Didn’t know I liked working on older cars until I started. Have a Mercedes station wagon1984 I’m working on now.  
  • Tim: What brought y’all to Morrison Heights?
  • Jim: Found a body of believers who have joy. We were beat down and came to MHBC and enjoyed the preaching and teaching. Could just feel a sense of joy shared throughout the congregation. 

Devotional | Jim Goode

  • Talking about bagpipes and sharing with the congregation. Think about the gift God has blessed you with. 
  • 1 Peter 4:10 and Romans 12:6. 
  • Mine happens to be a small musical talent. Been blessed to share. 
  • Encourage our people to take their gifts and serve the Lord however they can. 

Prayer Requests

  • Ruth Lee, in the hospital
  • Glenda Terry, sister in hospital
  • Terry Defibaugh, in the hospital
  • Larry Gafford, in the passing of his brother
  • Jimmy Chiles, in the hospital
  • Jimmy Salina, mom is recovering from a fall. 

Prayer | Jim Goode

Closing Remarks

  • Thanks for coming on the podcast. 
  • Tim: I think we’ve gotten through this episode without offending anyone so lets try this question – What’s the height difference for you and your wife?
  • Jim:  I’m 6’2 and she is 4’8. About a foot and a half difference. 
  • Thank you for joining us!
  • We love our family!

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Jim Goode


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