Episode 84. Praises, Prayers, Psalms

Dr. Greg joins us today to share an update on the life and happenings of the church along with a word of encouragement that we can approach God with bold prayers.


Guest Spot Highlight | Dr. Greg Belser, Senior Pastor

  • Royalty has moved in. Wife crowned The Caterpillar Queen for Clinton. Have joined in charge of her security. 
  • Things are good. Nine grandchildren means things are always moving. Birthday parties last week and this week. 
  • Son-in-law Charles, married to Ashley, is Senior Vice-President for institutional relations at Midwestern Seminary. Graduated with PH.D in December from Southeastern Seminary. very proud of him,. 
  • Tim: What do we need to know about the happenings in the church?
  • Dr. Greg: Asked Elders to wait until after Easter to discuss guidelines and behaviors. Twelve hundred people in three services for Easter. Largest number in building since two years ago. Elders have talked. Grateful for decline in Covid numbers. More and more have been vaccinated and has improved people’s confidence in getting out. Made post Easter contacts with individuals who had not been back and most plan to come back. Going to go slow with removing our guidelines. College students going home soon so numbers will be down. Elders feel people will still social distance even when we remove the tape. Expect no later than Memorial Day that all our restrictions will be gone. Church has been kind to one another. God has helped us. We have been spared by His grace. We all have different views, but our people have done a really good job of being kind and patient. Eager to get back to regularly schedule programming, but anything we can do, we can wait six weeks. 
  • Dr. Greg: As we go into the summer, what’s on my mind, is bringing back those things that are important to the life of the church.  Keeping arms length is not my style.  When the church can’t interact with each other, it just doesn’t feel quite the same. Great loss in my life.  Really looking forward to the life on life component coming back in a big way. We cannot forfeit this. To the degree that it is in our control, really looking forward to the fellowship of the church returning. 
  • Tim: People ask what is the mask policy?
  • Dr. Greg: Has been mask coming in and out. Take off during service. Not going to police masks. People will self-police. Our official policy has not changed, but rule of thumb has been don’t do anything that intentionally or incidentally inflames somebody’s anxiety. Expect more and more people to be inclined not to wear masks. We are going to love everyone whether they wear a mask or not. They are our family. Anecdotally, the church numbers have decline to virtually nil. 

Prayer Requests

  • Henry Black, in the hospital
  • Ruth Lee
  • Johnny Carson, mom Brenda about to be put on hospice.

Devotion | Dr. Greg Belser

  • Psalm 143
  • People find themselves when they pray feeling like they have to somehow justify the fact that they have a right to pray or ask or expect an answer.
  • Some come into prayer with high demands and expectations, and on the other hand, there are those that feel so low and feel unworthy so they don’t pray boldly. 
  • David’s prayer was asking God to hear him, but not on the basis of himself because he wasn’t qualified. 
  • Pray believing that it is on the basis of our relationship. Prayer is the voice of a relationship.
  • Conversation we have with our God not based on our righteousness but our relationship. 

Closing Remarks

  • Thank you, Dr. Greg. 
  • Coming up on end of New Testament workshop. Revelation coming up April 25. Normally workshop is an hour, but we may give two hours to Revelation and do some Q & A. 
  • We love our family!

Host & Guest

Tim Peabody

Dr. Greg Belser, Senior Pastor


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