Episode 85. Calling Causes Change

Life is constantly changing, and for one of our MC seniors, life is about to make a big change. Isaac Bowlin shares what the Lord is doing in his life, his plans for the future, and shares how we can love the Lord and those around us with confidence because of Jesus.


Guest Spot Highlight | Isaac Bowlin, Mississippi College Senior

  • Life has been good. Christian studies student at MC in senior year so getting ready to graduate. Met my wife to be, Macy. Married this summer. Moving to New Orleans. Getting ready to start seminary at NOBTS. Everything changes this summer. 
  • Taking classes this semester to finish up: Greek, Paul, First five books of OT, Jeremiah and Ezekiel and a random business class. Two papers left to write. Love Dr. Parke’s class. Learned so much about atonement.
  • Going to work with Isaac Woodward in New Orleans. Lord calling us to similar work of planting churches in New Orleans. Reflect a unity like that in John 17. Macy and I want to eventually go overseas to unengaged, unreached people groups. Felt called also to places in Central Asia/Middle East 
  • Spent a couple of weeks in Kenya which was first international experience. The next summer spent in India. Lord really taught me contentment and the strategic, behind the scene work on what it takes to sending people. 

Devotion | Isaac Bowlin

  • Hebrews 12 – 13. 
  • End of Hebrews 12 writer compares Sinai and Zion. Sinai is a mountain that can’t be touched. Zion is the city of the living God. Writer says we are going to Zion, to Jesus, the better covenant. 
  • Hebrews 12:28 
  • Calls the audience to offer worship to God with everything they have. God is still a consuming fire so there is a level of reverence and awe. Going to better kingdom. 
  • Hebrews 13 shows what that looks like. Brotherly love. Hospitality to strangers. Remember prisoners and mistreated. In same body with these people. Marriage in honor. Contentment. Be prepared to suffer as Christ suffered. 
  • Theme –  we are receiving a better kingdom, a better covenant, a better high priest – Jesus. The result of that is offering acceptable worship. 
  • Lord is calling us to remember where we are going, and in light of the hope we have in Christ, to love God whole-heartedly and the people around us whole-heartedly. 
  • The city of God, the kingdom, is unchanging. Even when everything changes, we can still love the Lord and those around us with confidence because of Jesus. 

Prayer | Isaac Bowlin

  • Henry Black
  • Ruth Lee

Closing Remarks

  • Tim: Where are you from? 
  • Isaac: From Mendenhall. Dad is pastor at Poplarville Baptist. Mom leads worship.  Dad played piano and mom trained in classical music. Play hymns mostly by ear. Praise band stuff here at MHBC.
  • Thank you to everyone for watching.
  • We love our family. 

Host & Guest

Tim Peabody

Isaac Bowlin


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