Episode 86. Heralding Hope

Lauren Compere joins us today to share about her ministry One Shred of Hope, a ministry designed to support families affected by disability. She also reminds us of the importance of getting back to the basics of the gospel.


Guest Spot Highlight | Lauren Compere, Development Director, One Shred of Hope

  • Life has been different for families with special needs during Covid. Transitioning out. 
  • One Shred of Hope: Noticed several difficulties that families with disabilities faced. People with disabilities, if they were a people group,  would be largest unreached people group with the gospel. Saddens my heart. Can be corrected and is within our grasp. People with disabilities, statistically, also have the highest rate of homelessness. Families with disabilities are least likely to go into a church. Don’t feel like there is a place for them in the church or individuals in the church willing to work with their disability.  Families affected by special needs have strict limits on monetary and assets in their name while still receiving their very needed benefits. Finally, overarching struggle is that most of your time is with your caregivers or family and over time creates a psychological struggle to understand that there are people that truly do want to know you and befriend you. All of these factors put together create this perfect storm of isolation and loneliness. 
  • One Shred of Hope creates a community with the purpose of sharing the true gospel with our neighbors. Goal is to create a way to hear the gospel and for their physical needs to be met by having housing. Housing type neighborhood with and without disabilities. Accessible and affordable. Working to build in college towns. College students could volunteer or intern. People with special needs could be involved on college campus. 
  • We are all disabled. Just depends on how obvious it is. Some are physical. Some are of the mind. There’s really not two separate worlds. Everyone will at some point experience disability personally or through knowing others with disabilities. 
  • Disability shouldn’t be the dominant factor and define what you do. 
  • The Lord has helped me overcome. If up to me, I wouldn’t do as much. Daily it is the Lord’s strength. The Lord through people to help me overcome loneliness, isolation, or I can’t do this. Dad raised me to never say I couldn’t do something. Consider my disability a part of my life, but not the defining of my life. Lord daily. Phenomenal support system. Lord uses people and music in my life to help me get through. 
  • Tim: People will want to know where to go to learn more about your ministry.
  • Tim: People will want to know how to pray or financially partner with you. 
  • Lauren: Prayer is most important. Pray for wisdom for us. Correct connections to be formed. Connect with us and connect us to other individuals that would be passionate about what we are doing. Help with awareness. If feel led in your heart to support financially, we would be honored. One house is almost finished. Two more that we want to build and that takes resources. 

Devotional Thought | Lauren Compere

  • Getting back to the basics of the gospel. 
  • Not everyone believes. If we do believe, we too need to be strengthened in our walk. 
  • He does not want perfection; He wants our hearts. Roman 3:23. 
  • Scripture talks about our Lord and how we deserve death, but He took our place on the cross. John 3:16. 
  • Just believe in Jesus Christ. 
  • Daughter of the Compere’s. Can be a good or bad representation. As believers, we are a child of God and in His family. Can be a good or bad representation. Does our life mirror our faith? 
  • Faith is proof. 

Closing Remarks

  • Tim: What did you major in?
  • Lauren: Psychology. Starting graduate school and for their Masters in Counseling at RTS.
  • Tim: What are some of the questions kids will ask you that you don’t mind being asked.
  • Lauren: Kids ask anything. Don’t encourage children to shy away from people with special needs. Ask if your child can come talk to you. Encourage questions. Kids will ask me everything – “Why are you in a wheelchair?”, “How do you go to the restroom?”, “How do you go to bed?”, “How do you get in a car?”
  • I’m just looking for respect, a heart, and a genuine desire to know me and to get past the separating factor. More adults need to act like a child.

Prayer Requests

  • Margie Thornton, mother in hospital
  • Johnny Carson, mother on Hospice
  • Eva Aranna, mother had a stroke
  • Kathy Suber, in the loss of her mother
  • The family of Henry Black in his passing
  • Kristie Dabbs, in the loss of grandfather

We love our family!

Host & Guest

Tim Peabody

Lauren Compere, Development Director, One Shred of Hope


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