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Update on Rusty Bush from his wife Dori

Russ update…..

Today was a good day. Russ was evaluated this morning by his team of therapist. They did an assessment on his lungs. Chest X-ray still shows no change with the infiltrations and pneumonia is still present in both lungs. The lungs have lost their elasticity in the lower lobes and are still not functioning properly. As per his team of therapists, his rehab will be anywhere from 3 to 5 times a week and will be dictated by his lungs. They will push but only to a safe limit where his breathing and oxygen levels are not compromised. I have a feeling once they start tomorrow, he will not have any trouble sleeping at night!

I arrived after lunch and they had already had him moving a good bit. Bless his heart, he was tired!

We met with the case worker and staff today. I love the way they are all committed to his recovery and are very encouraging. However the respiratory therapist did emphasize that his progress will take some time and not be in a hurry. Methodist Rehab will be our next stop on the Covid/Post Covid train but oxygen-by-tank intake will need to be at a bare minimum to go. So needless to say my sweet husband has a lot of work ahead of him and he is anxious to get started!

Prayer request tonight is please pray for Russ to have patience with himself, his lungs, and his muscles.

Please pray for complete healing of those lungs.

Please pray for a productive cough, because all that settlement down in those lungs has got to get out!

Please pray for his team of caregivers, for their skills and patience with my husband.

Please pray for sufficient rest for Russ.

Most of all please just take time from your busy schedules and talk to God, not only for us, but for your own concerns. He’s there and he’s listening to every word OR every tear.

I heard today on the radio that our God is a God of suddenly and slowly. I think that message was specifically for us! Yes Lord….I am listening…

Until tomorrow

Received: July 15, 2021

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