Our stories of God's Grace in our lives

Jake and Jane 

Preschoolers. Those wiggly, curious, non-compliant, tiny human beings. Just the mention of them can make mature adults tremble. While ministry to children is not for the faint of heart, it is a heartfelt call for Jake and Jane Johnston.

Dan and Melba 

“It’s been said that every home has its “hush”. That “hush” came to our house early in my life. When I was five years old, my father killed himself only minutes after trying to kill my mother. Her life was spared by what I can only describe as one of God’s miracles.”

This jarring account is not a recent headline from the five o’clock news. Instead, it is the testimony of Dan Wesson, longtime member of Morrison Heights Baptist Church.

Johnny and Janice

In a world of instant answers and high speed information, it is difficult to comprehend the patient unfolding of God’s grace. It is equally perplexing for a hurried society to imagine the Creator of the universe taking years, even decades, to cultivate one human soul, patiently drawing that soul to Christ. But indeed, God is a patient Father, and Johnny Kaz is that one soul.

More Stories of Life Change Through Jesus Christ

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