The Difference

Dan and Melba Wesson

It’s been said that every home has its “hush”. That “hush” came to our house early in my life. When I was five years old, my father killed himself only minutes after trying to kill my mother. Her life was spared by what I can only describe as one of God’s miracles.

This jarring account is not a recent headline from the five o’clock news. Instead, it is the testimony of Dan Wesson, longtime member of Morrison Heights Baptist Church. Dan is also a deacon, husband, father, veteran, and retired team member from the Federal Aviation Administration. While statistics indicate children who experience childhood trauma often experience problems as adults, Dan’s life seems to indicate the opposite. In his own words, he acknowledges who made the difference.

As a child, the events in my home were very confusing to me and there was much I did not understand. But five years later a very concerned man told me about someone who never sinned, yet He died on a cross to pay for my sin. I had known about Jesus for years, but somehow it just didn’t sink in. But that day, as a ten year old boy, I received the Lord Jesus. It was as simple as receiving a gift. He came to live in me and I have never been the same.

As a young adult, Dan joined the Navy and was stationed in Memphis, Tennessee. That is where he met his wife, Melba. Their young marriage withstood Dan’s two tours of duty in Vietnam. He quietly admits those early months apart deepened their love for one another. Even today, after 47 years of marriage, Dan and Melba cherish every moment they have together. Dan maintains Christ is central in their home and has been since the beginning of their marriage.

As a couple, Dan and Melba have been part of Morrison Heights Baptist Church for forty years. Clear teaching from Scripture has kept them grounded and given Dan great peace through life’s difficulties. His four decades at Morrison Heights have been marked by service through the music ministry and the deacon body. Additionally, his life-story has been an encouragement to countless others who are navigating troubled waters.

Christ has been with me through all of life’s problems. He gives me promises that will never be broken, purpose for living, and peace in my heart. All I am, all I’ve been, and more importantly all I ever hope to be, I owe to Jesus Christ.


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